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7,50 €Tomato Bruschetta and E.V.O. oil

9,80 €Fresh Buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and E.V.O. oil

11,00 €Beef carpaccio with Cipriani sauce, Grana cheese and E.V.O. oil

10,50 €Mussels with tomato sauce

9,00 €Cauliflower cream gratin with parmesan

9,00 €Goat cheese mousse with lentils and balsamic reduction

12,00 €Octopus with pumpkin, chickpea cream, thyme and E.V.O. oil



15,00 €Spaghetti with seafood (15’)

11,50 €Tagliatelle with bolognese sauce and “Gran Gusto” tomatoes (8’)

13,00 €Tortelli 5 cheeses with a hint of truffle oil (8’)

12,00 €Classic lasagne (15’)

12,50 €Rigatoni with “Datterino Gran Gusto” tomatoes and basil (15’)

13,50 €Orecchiette with pumpkin and prawns (10’)

14,00 €Black tagliolini with cuttlefish and parsley emulsion (10’)



3,00 €French fries

4,00 €Oven potatoes

5,00 €Seasonal vegetables

5,00 €Green or mixed salad

5,00 €Focaccia

p.p. 1,50 €Bread


Meat & Fish

19,00 €Leg of lamb cooked in redwine sauce with oven potatoes
and vegetables

25,00 €Beef tenderloin with truffle sauce, oven potatoes and vegetables

23,50 €Ossobuco (bone marrow) of veal with oven potatoes and vegetables

20,00 €Salmon with orange reduction, oven potatoes and vegetables

23,00 €Turbot confit with lemon and cumin with oven potatoes and vegetables

21,50 €Sea bass with leek cream, oven potatoes and vegetables



8,50 €Margherita (tomato “Gran Gusto”, mozzarella, basil)

9,50 €Diavola (tomato “Gran Gusto”, mozzarella, pepperoni)

12,00 €4 Stagioni (tomato “Gran Gusto”, mozzarella, black olives,
ham, artichokes)

14,00 €4 Formaggi (Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Mascarpone, Parmesan)

11,00 €Vegetariana (tomato “Gran Gusto”, mozzarella, mushrooms, leek, pumpkin)

14,00 €Italia (mozzarella, rocket, parma ham, cherry tomatoes,
parmesan cheese, olive oil)

10,50 €Tonno e cipolla (tomato “Gran Gusto”, mozzarella, onion, tuna)

12,50 €Zio Ugo (tomato “Gran Gusto”, mozzarella, spicy salami, artichokes,
mushrooms, ham)

12,50 €Margherita with Buffalo mozzarella
(tomato “Gran Gusto”,, buffalo mozzarella, basil, olive oil)



6,50 €Tiramisu

5,50 €Pannacotta

6,50 €Banana plumcake with vanilla ice cream

5,00 €Locally made Italian Ice creams and sorbets

6,80 €“Semifreddo“ of cherries and yoghurt

6,00 €Chocolate mousse

6,50 €Chocolate and hazelnut cake

5,50 €Affogato al caffè

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Desserts and drinks menu: download
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Prices with VAT included.
On request gluten free pasta.
Please let staff know of any allergies.